Trina is the promise of freshness


Trina Packaged drinking water is special. Because not just any water or any bottle will do. At Trina we understand that often people feel dissatisfied with the after taste of packaged water-but have no choice.

We believe that purity does not mean compromising taste and freshness.

That’s why every drop of Trina passes through a sophisticated multiple-step purification process. The result is crisp, fresh and delicious water .


The Trina water Family one for everyone!


Trina Packaged drinking water comes in variety of sizes ranging from 200ml, 300ml glasses to 200ml, 500ml, 1L and 2L bottles. In addition we have convenient 20L containers for bulk and institutional consumption.

Trina glasses and bottles are packed in attractive and well protected cartons.

Our service includes Trust and Safety programs, such as the Trina Standard Purchase Protection Program; Customer Support; Tools & Services, which allow corporate users to receive a report of their purchasing activity on a regular basis. Whatever be your need, Trina is just a phone call away.


At Trina, the entire multistage purification is done in a brand new complex with the most modern equipment and facilities. We take great care in sourcing the water for purification and the entire process is automated and untouched by hand. The production is monitored under strict quality control guidelines in compliance with the most stringent standards worldwide.